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CONNECT Website Move

The CONNECT open source website has moved here! The migrated website will continue to provide updates on CONNECT along with links to our issue tracking system and this Wiki.

Welcome to CONNECT!

CONNECT is an open source software and community that promotes IT interoperability in the U.S. healthcare system. CONNECT enables secure, electronic health data exchange among healthcare providers, insurers, government agencies, and consumer services.

While CONNECT was initially developed by federal agencies to support their health-related missions, it is now available to all organizations and can be used to set up health information exchanges and share data using nationally-recognized interoperability standards.

The diverse group of users and beneficiaries of health information exchange of course includes code contributors – groups of developers who use CONNECT and want to contribute bug fixes and new features back into the source code, and to the greater community.

CONNECT Governance and Open Source Contributions

CONNECT is a product with a governance structure and process. Open source contributions are welcome, and the CONNECT development team and governance body will work to incorporate contributions or make them available in accordance with our release plan. CONNECT is released 2-4 times per year, and each release meets the needs identified by the CONNECT Change Control Board (CCB), which sets priorities for CONNECT functionality and bug fixes to align with nationwide Health IT data exchange programs and pilots.  In addition, the CCB sets priorities to ensure CONNECT supports the widely used Nationwide Health Information Network Exchange and Direct specifications.

While the CCB sets out the release plan for CONNECT, features created by open source contributors can make their way into the CONNECT release itself or be available as external (or, in some cases, integrated) features/extensions. And, as expected, bug reports and bug fixes from the community are encouraged and welcomed. See Contributing Code to CONNECT for details.

Recent CONNECT Presentations and Updates

CONNECT Deep Dive presented on July 16, 2015 - CONNECT 07_16_15 Deep Dive.pptx

CONNECT Release History

(Please refer to the most recent Major/Patch Release Summary pages for information on CONNECT Product Team supported Releases)


Portal to view information on CONNECT

Source Code Repository

Instructions to access the CONNECT source code

Issue Tracking

The CONNECT issue tracking system


User and developer forums for CONNECT

Story Plans Design Process Research

Community wiki for CONNECT

 Software Testing

Testing procedures for CONNECT


Code reviews for CONNECT code

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