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CONNECT 4.5 is here.

Release 4.5 continues to build on the functionality delivered in the CONNECT 4 code line, this release will address the top priorities and feedback from the CONNECT community.  With CONNECT 4.5, enhancements have been made to the System Administration Module and the X12 service. 

CONNECT also continues to maintain Certification compliance by complying with all the eHealth Exchange participant certification test cases.

Fore more information refer to the Release Notes 

For support better getting to know and / or implement CONNECT, please contact or visit the CONNECT Community Forums.

Using CONNECT for Health Information Exchange

The following document describes the process for using the CONNECT Solution for Health Information Exchange:

CONNECT Plug-ins Options

Plug-ins (including Enterprise Service Components) can be downloaded from here:


The following is a list of CONNECT 4.5 downloads that are available:


The following is a list of CONNECT tools that are available:

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