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The additional feature functionality along with updates made in the CONNECT 4 code line to comply with eHealth Exchange certification testing it is recommended that adopters implement CONNECT 4.2 to take advantage of the most up to date requirements support available for the community.


CONNECT is an open source software and community that promotes IT interoperability in the U.S. healthcare system. CONNECT enables secure electronic health data exchange among healthcare providers, insurers, government agencies and consumer services. CONNECT 3.3 includes new features, support for new NwHIN technical specification for health information exchange, and more. This website explains what CONNECT 3.3 is and how to use it.

Using CONNECT for Health Information Exchange

The following document describes the process for using the CONNECT Solution for Health Information Exchange:

CONNECT Installation Options
CONNECT Plug-ins Options

Plug-ins (including Enterprise Service Components) can be downloaded from here:


The following is a list of Release 3.3 downloads that are available:

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