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Contributing to CONNECT

CONNECT welcomes collaborators to help advance the adoption of interoperable health IT systems and health information exchanges through CONNECT. This page describes ways to contribute to the development of CONNECT.

You may contribute a bug fix or functional enhancement, a documentation enhancement, or an entirely new use of the CONNECT framework. 

How to Contribute Code

One way to contribute is to join us in person: the CONNECT team holds Code-A-Thons several times a year, during which the development team and open source community collaborate on important issues. (more info)

A unit of contribution can be as small as a bug report or bug fix, or as large as a new feature or usage of the CONNECT framework. Here is how to contribute:

  1. Obtain the source code from our repository at GitHub. Follow instructions here.
  2. Create accounts:
    1. A GitHub account (for committing code)
    2. A account (for JIRA and wiki editing access)
    3. Join the mailing list on the home page.
    4. If you like, also follow us on Twitter, @CONNECT_Project.
  3. Determine what contribution you'll be making. If you haven't decide already, you can...
    1. Attend our biweekly sprint review and planning sessions to find out how you can contribute. Or, review the CONNECT JIRA project to guide your contribution commitment.
  4. Review the coding and test coverage standards
  5. If you're developing a new feature or a new use of CONNECT, we ask that you go to the CONNECT Community JIRA Project - create a ticket describing what you’re doing so we can fold it into the CONNECT roadmap. 
  6. Do your work.
  7. Follow instructions here to commit your code. Please be detailed in the comments section. If you are contributing a fix to specific JIRA issue, please list it here. We will use the discussion feature of GitHub to review and communicate regarding the contributed code. We also will be in touch to thank you for your contribution and let you know about its progress toward release.

If you’re looking to make a very large or complex contribution, we request that you contact us at to discuss details, so that we can collaborate more closely on the effort. We welcome all ideas for leveraging CONNECT.

Here are several links to help you in your development process:

Let us know how you’re using CONNECT! We want to include you on our list of adopters

Thanks for being part of the CONNECT community. It is through your work that we improve our product and help health data follow a patient across the street, or across the country.

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