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This explains how to document bugs found in CONNECT. A "bug" can be a documentation issue, something that's not functioning as expected, or a desire for additional functionality/documentation.


If a defect is found in CONNECT:

  1. Navigate to the Issue tracking system.
  2. Click "Create Issue" on the top navigation
  3. Choose the appropriate project, choose "CONNECT". .
  4. Choose the issue type (if a defect, choose "Bug").
  5. The fields on the page are self-explanatory, but a few hints:
    • Summary should be a short description that can be used to quickly remind others what the problem deals with ("CONNECT throws errors when clicking the widget on sunday")
    • Description should provide detail of the expected behavior and additional information like your environment - App server you are using, OS etc.
    • Select appropriate Priority
    • Select appropriate CONNECT release where the defect was found in Affects Version 
    • Select appropriate Reporting Organization
    • Include additional documentation using Attachments
  6. Create, and you have an item in jira!
  • Note: in the Agile-spirit, if a bug is found during the sprint in which the associated functionality is being developed, it is not necessary to open a defect. Generally, it is better to just communicate with those developing the feature. Use your best judgement if the overhead of creating the jira item is warranted in these situations.

For the CONNECT Development Team:

  • If the item is significant, add to Jira a "user story" to be used by the stakeholders to prioritize in with other development efforts