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CONNECT testing is performed on three levels:

  • Basic unit testing during development
  • Nightly CI testing
  • QA testing prior to closing JIRA tickets

This documentation includes references to test plans at the QA level and test results by release. 

Validation Suite Testing

The validation suite is executed as part of almost every QA test plan to ensure that new code or configuration changes do not adversely affect the current CONNECT services. The test is a SoapUI test project located /CONNECT/Product/SoapUI_Test/ValidationSuite and can be executed by running the g0 and g1 test suites. The following configurations need to be set in order for the validation suite to be executed successfully:

  • GatewayPropDir must be set to the full path of the local CONNECT properties directory

System Adminstration Module (SAM) Testing

The SAM test plan consists of a series of manual test cases designed to verify the look and function of each section of the interface. Currently, these sections include:

  • Dashboard
  • Remote Gateway List
  • Direct Configuration
  • Account Management
  • Connection Management
  • Properties
  • Cross-Gateway Query Client

Admin GUI Testing

Direct Testing

The Direct test plan consists of three test categories:

  • Smoke Testing: Typically executed whenever Direct code is introduced or modified. Consists of one outbound and one inbound test.
  • Basic Testing: Consists of three tests to verify CONNECT's ability to direct inbound and outbound Direct messages to an XDR adapter as opposed to an email client.
  • QOS Testing: Consists of nine test cases (executed in six different scenarios) to verify CONNECT's compliance with Direct QoS guidelines.

Direct Testing

Regression Suite Testing

The regression test suite includes four test categories: standard, passthrough, bimodal and manual. Within each category there are several tests, all of which are designed to verify that previous CONNECT fixes and improvements continue to function as designed with each release.

Regression Testing - ARCHIVED

eHealth Exchange DIL Testing

DIL testing currently consists of testing CONNECT against the official 35 certification test cases and two X509 test cases (PD and QD)

eHealth Exchange Certification (DIL) Testing

NIST Testing

NIST testing currently consists of using the NIST Transport Test Tool to test the following:

  • Document Submission
  • Direct

NIST Edge Testing Tool (ETT)


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