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CONNECT Source Code

The CONNECT source code repository is available at GitHub and can be accessed here:

To obtain the CONNECT codebase, execute the following command. This will bring the repo to your local machine, and you can then check out the desired branch.

$ git clone </path/to/desired/repo/location>

Note: you will need a Git client. See this page for instructions on setting up Git and GitHub for Linux, Mac, and Windows: .

About Git. For information on Git and GitHub, see this page. For information on contributing code back to the CONNECT source, see our general page on Contributing Code in general, and specific instructions on How to Contribute Code.

The CONNECT git branching strategy generally follows the principals laid out here: (this is required reading for any techy). The twist that we add with CONNECT is that our master branch is called CONNECT, and all development branches have a mirrored "integration" branch. Developers commit code (normally via merging pull requests) to the integration branches and then Jenkins CI jobs validate those commits and merge them into the various master branches. This guarantees that master always builds and is stable.

The links below are to release tags.

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