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Sprint Review + Planning Updates!


In response to community feedback, the CONNECT team is changing how we inform and engage with the CONNECT community for sprint review and planning.  The feedback we received was for a greater opportunity to participate and ask questions about the sprint reviews without the limitations of attending a set meeting on Monday mornings. 


Based on this feedback and suggestions for broader community inclusion in sprint work discussions, we are moving the sprint reviews and planning information sharing to the forums.  This will allow all community members to review the sprint summary slides and any discussions on their own schedule.   There will be a link provided in the forums for each sprint summary Wiki page. The information can reviewed and then commented on in the forums.


** The CONNECT Product team looks forward to engaging and discussing the sprint work with the CONNECT community through the forums **

Sprint Information

If you miss our sprint review and planning sessions, you can check our summaries here. Sprints are numeric for the life of the program. We perform our work in 2 week iterations, called sprints. On these summary pages, we show what is planned (for the current sprint) and what was completed (for all past sprints).

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